Cats and dogs have always been portrayed as mortal enemies, whether it’s in books, cartoons, comic strips or even songs! (Remember Paul McCartney’s Ballroom Dancing?)

But contrary to this popular belief, the Journal of Veterinary Behavior actually discusses how these felines and canines actually live harmoniously in many households. Moreover, early age exposure is critical to both pets in order to have a mutually respectful bond.

Did you know that cats and dogs have a lot in common with each other? This can explain why kitties and doggies do get along. In fact, there are cat breeds that actually behave like dogs. But which dog breeds have no problems with cats? Here are 10 dog breeds that live well with cats. Take note that these are generalized descriptions and various considerations may still affect a dog’s socialization with a cat.


Contradictory to the notion that hound dogs like Beagles are naturally unkind to smaller animals and have the tendency to chase them, this type of dog breed is actually pleasant and outgoing. Whether it’s playing outdoors or enjoying indoors, the two will definitely get along well with each other.

There’s nothing to worry about harming one another! Remember, the key is early exposure to each other.

Basset Hound

Another hound dog is the droopy-eyed, short-statured, and long-eared Basset Hound. Despite always looking sad and lazy, it is actually one of the most big-hearted and energetic breeds.

Basset Hound enjoys other people or animals’ company, even your kitty. Obedience might not be the hush puppy’s cup of tea, but it sure does know how to please anyone.

Italian Greyhound

If there’s a competition on which dog breed is the neediest in terms of tender love and affection, then there’s no doubt that the little Greyhound will win! It would thank you for having a feline furry friend that’s just similar to its size.

An ideal bonding for the Italian Greyhound and a cat would be an all-day snuggle in bed during cozy weather!

Labrador Retriever

Need a pal that will protect your tiny tom at all costs? A Labrador Retriever might be the best selection for you.

According to online sources, adoption or purchasing of a lab will guarantee you its unlimited friendliness and versatility. Labs are super intelligent, easy to train, and loyal to everyone in the household.

Additionally, they help you with your fitness goals and are good with children! There’s no doubt they are really America’s favorite dog breed.

English Bulldog

Who would have known that a huge, wild-looking dog like the English Bulldog is actually one of the most cat-friendly dog breeds out there? Its sweet personality makes it so predictable and dependable.

English Bulldogs’ loud breathers and droolers get along really well with people and other family pets, as long as they get the attention that they always want!


This short and stout pup is not nicknamed “the little dog who thinks he can” for no reason. Like any other dogs, it is super sweet and cheerful to everyone.

The Pomeranian’s temperament is confident and courageous despite its small stature. It likes to create its own games and play with anyone including your cat and it is also one of the most alert canines out there!


The Havanese is another small dog breed that could live with your kitten! Aside from being clever and obedient, it is very joyful, which makes it the ideal companion for literally everyone.

Small but terrible is the best description for this dog breed because of its sturdiness and agility. A long as you are committed to training it, the Havanese will definitely establish an adorable friendship with your feline.

Bichon Frise

Known for being adaptive, the Bichon Frise will surely live well with your cat in just a jiffy. Its snowy charm and funny curiosity will definitely lighten up your home without overshadowing your precious kitty.

Bichon Frise dogs may be difficult to train and tend to have separation anxiety (no dog is perfect!) but they will never fail to keep everyone cheered up! Selfless, aren’t they?

Shetland Sheepdog

Another furry friend that your cat can absolutely share a home with is the Shetland Sheepdog. This fun-loving and lively breed is flexible when it comes to children, other dogs, cats, elderlies, and even strict trainers!

Shelties are sensitive to others and they like to impress everyone with their pleasing personality and awesome talents.

Shih Tzu

Imagine a fluffy pooch and a fuzzy moggie being best of friends! The Shih Tzu is a lover, not a hunter. As a matter of fact, it is known for being a good listener and an adoring partner.

This delightful dog is a blend of peaceful and playful, calm, and noisy. It is fond of kids, senior citizens, and even fellow animals. It’s no wonder why it is given five stars for friendliness.

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By Guest Blogger Miranda Lasala