Sometimes traveling can seem difficult if you own a pet, especially if you’re going a long distance. Here are some tips that will make traveling a lot easier and safer for both you and your pet.


Map out a course. You’re going to have to find places to take bathroom breaks for everyone, so plan on where you’re going to stop. Find a rest area that is very safe and open. Depending on how long you are traveling, find a pet-friendly park to walk around and get their muscles stretching and blood circulating, along with yours.

Prepare Your Pet

The morning before you leave (or the day before, depending on how early you leave), take your pet for a walk. Get them active and tired so that when the time of travel comes, they will have gotten all their energy out, and they’ll be ready to have a nice long nap in the car.

Prevent Distraction 

Distraction is not safe at all for you while driving, so harness seat-belts for your pet are great. They are easy to use, and keep your pet from jumping around all parts of the car. They still allow your pet to move positions in the car, but you will be able to focus on your driving, knowing that your pet will stay in the seat safely.

Protect Your Seats

Buy a dog tarp or, if nothing else, sheets to protect the inside of your car. Depending on the weather, your pet could be tracking in dirt or mud. Depending on your pet, it might get sick on your seats or floor, or it might scratch your seats from nervousness. Protecting the upholstery is always a good precaution.

Provide Water

Keeping your pet hydrated during the trip is VERY important. Fill up a gallon of your own tap water from home, or bring bottled water, and bring a small or a collapsible bowl to use for going in and out of the car.

Pay Your Pet

Reward your pet for good and calm behavior with a treat every once in a while. It will help increase their happiness and patience on the trip!

Proceed With Normal Eating Times

If you’re trip is longer than just a few hours, keep your normal feeding schedule. Bring a container of your pet’s normal food and stop to feed them while you satisfy your hunger too.


Bring cleaning supplies in case of any accidents in the car. Pack some towels, extra water, trash bags, and Clorox wipes or spray for fabricated seats or carpeted floors. You can also use baby wipes to clean up your pet.

Put Tags On Your Pet

In case your pet runs away, tag it with important information such as allergies and your number so that if something bad like that happens, someone who finds it will be able to immediately contact you, and know how to properly handle the situation.

Present A New Toy  (or bring a comfort toy)

Maybe your pet likes to sleep the whole time in the car, or maybe you have a pet that needs some entertainment. Bring an exciting new gift to make the trip special and fun! Or, if traveling is a little unnerving, bring an old toy that makes your pet feel at home.

The key to having a successful trip is to use these tips to make you and your pet feel safely secure while still relaxing and enjoying moments together. If it’s NOT a good idea for you to take your fur-kid with you on your trip, we’ve got your tail covered with private, in-YOUR-home pet sitting, dog walking, playtime, potty breaks, overnight pawjama pawties and MORE!  Give us a call at 800-674-3409 for more information.

Happy adventuring!

By Staff Writer Erika Smith