Christmas is a happy, fun time of year for families, but experienced pet parents know that Christmas can also bring a house and yard full of potential hazards for their pets if they aren’t wary.

All the wonderful things that bring excitement to people can be very strange for our pets. We bring a tree from outside in, we put up decorations that resemble “toys” and scold our fur-kids for “playing” with them. We bet you have lots of family coming and going (with all kinds of new wonderful, strange smells) and you may even have dangerous, poisonous plants within reaching distance that you aren’t aware of.

There is sure to be all manner of wonderful holiday food offerings that aren’t normally offered that can cause serious digestive distress in your pets if you aren’t very careful.

Pay close attention to your pets this holiday season.  Following these dog Christmas safety tips will keep your pet happy and healthy through the New Year!