There are many fears in this world that we humans are very susceptible to. Some may be very weird phobias, like fearing feet – let me tell you, as an experienced podophobic, it is a very real and serious thing. Don’t judge.

Other fears are more common among people, such as fear of spiders or small spaces.

Just like humans, dogs have some very common – and some weird – phobias that they struggle with. Here are five.

5 Common Dog Phobias

1. Storm Phobia

If not all, most dogs are very frightened when a storm passes over. This fear is probably developed because of the sound the thunder makes. Dogs are very sensitive to sound, and the large boom and vibrating rumble that follows afterward will no doubt seem very scary for a dog. If a storm comes and your dog runs somewhere to hide in the house, do not be surprised. Stay calm, gently pet him, and tell him things will be all right.

2. Firework Phobia

Much like storms, fireworks can be scary for dogs. The large booms and popping sounds are obviously very loud, penetrating the sensitive ears of a dog. Keep your dog inside the house, if ever setting off fireworks outside.

3. Vet Visit Phobia

This is a pretty obvious point. No one likes going to the doctor! They poke and prod – not to mention all the annoying, unnecessary questions they always ask. Okay, they might give you a free item here or there, but who is going to really walk around with a cheap t-shirt that says, “GYNECOLOGY4ME?” The point is, pets are going to fear the veterinarian’s office. There are other animals, weird smells, and complete unfamiliarity. It’s a given, but a healthy pet is a necessity. Calmly take your pet, and stay with him as you comfort him through the whole process, and it will be fine.

4. Car Ride Phobia

This is a less common fear, depending on what your dog associates a car ride with. For some dogs, they only are allowed in the car when being taken to the vet. For other dogs, they get in the car to go to a dog park or hiking. When taking your dog in a car, try to keep the trips short; but always carry a trash bag, paper towels, and water, just in case your dog makes a mess out of fear or needs water to feel better. If traveling for a longer period of time, make frequent stops so that your pet can stretch his muscles, relieve himself, and get some fresh air – that goes a long way and helps for a smoother trip.

5. Hats & Sunglasses Phobia

Talk about good “people decoders”.  As a pet care giver of many years, we know that if a dog doesn’t like someone, there must be a reason why. When we provide pet care services we make sure to take off hats and sunglasses before entering a home. Someone approaching with a hat and sunglasses are not to be trusted and some dogs will take offense by barking, lunging and even nipping.

Although most dog fears are normal, some may be unique to your dog; but as a responsible pet owner, it is easy to tell what your dog is afraid of. Be alert, figure your pet out, and learn how to avoid giving him that fear, or at least, know how to comfort him and get him through his fear. Remember that if you stay calmly strong through any situation, your friend will want to be strong, too! Owners and pets are a team, and together, they can conquer any fear – just not a fear of doctors…or feet. –

Sometimes dogs are afraid of kennels. If that’s the case, let us care for them in your own home with our award winning private pet care.  Call us at 800-674-3409 to chat about how we can help you.

By Staff Writer Erika Smith