Love Is In The Air
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. It is a magical time when couples surprise each other with wonderful gifts and surprises. A bouquet of beautiful red roses, heart-shaped balloons, boxes of chocolates are usually part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Who doesn’t love a romantic candlelight dinner in a cozy and personal setting at home?

WARNING! Pawcede With Caution

Valentine’s Day should also come with a warning label for pet parents. Because while it’s super sexy to be lost in each other’s eyes, it’s not so sexy for dogs to be lost in an unsupervised grand adventure that includes eating chocolate, chewing on thorny roses or grabbing those special balloons.
Nobody wants to be stuck in the doggy ER on Valentine’s Day. Pet-parents always have a responsibility to put the needs and safety of your pet before their own. Before celebrating Valentine’s Day there are a few things to keep in mind pertaining to the safety of your furry friend.
Please go through the tips listed in this detailed infographic from Top Dog Tips:

Steps To Paw-vent Valentine’s Day Disaster

 20 Valentine’s Day Safety Tips for Pet Owners [Infographic]

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