You may be at a crossroad, and wonder if it is worth getting your dog or cat “fixed”. That’s because you don’t know the good things that come from it. Here are some benefits of neutering/spaying your dog, cat or any other companion animal:

It reduces the chance of getting a disease.

Spaying protects females from easily getting urinary infections and breast cancer, while neutering protects males from testicular cancer, tumors, and peritoneal hernias.

It keeps from the worry of animals not having a home.

Fixing your pet obviously keeps from your dog getting pregnant, and for you to have to give/find a home for a litter of puppies. Fixing animals also avoids overpopulation and puppies being left on the street, ending up in a shelter, and possibly being put to sleep not too long after.

It helps behavior.

Neutering males keeps them less aggressive. It will keep them from running away and doing anything possible to finding a mate. Neutered males will focus more on the human family, and not instinctively obsess over trying to leave no matter what. Females won’t go in heat, and won’t be as whiny, being uneasy around the house.

It keeps things less messy.

Animals that aren’t neutered or spayed are more messy. Males will feel the need to mark their territory more. Females menstruate just like humans, and female cats tend to spray around the house, leaving an awful smell.

It’s cheaper.

Caring for a litter and all of that is going to cost a lot more money, effort, and time than just taking your pet to get fixed (lasting a lifetime) in one day.

All in all, it is definitely worth getting your pet fixed. It both makes things easier for your pet, and it makes things easier for you; and the easier things are, the happier you both are. The best time to neuter or spay your dog or cat is SOON. If you have trouble with the cost of spay or neuter check out My Dog Eats First.

Do it while they are young, and life will be much easier!

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By Staff Writer Erika Smith