– By Betheny Green

Does your kitty claw your furniture or other valued items?  Try the strategy DOG TRAINERS swear by.  It works for cats too!

Clicker training!http://www.clickertraining.com/node/20

All you need is a clicker (you can purchase them online or in most pet stores) or even a ballpoint pen and a scratching post.  Place the post near the item of furniture your sweetie usually digs his/her claws into.  When he/she scratches the post, click the pen once and give him/her a treat. Repeat any time your kitty scratches the post and kitty will soon have it figured out that scratching the post leads to a reward.  Gradually, you can move the scratching post to another area and he’she will continue to use the post and NOT your furniture.

Clicker training can be used to help correct ANY bad behaviour or habits of cats AND dogs.  Just like anything else, you must be consistent!