A dog’s primary sense is his sense of smell. Our fur-kids have such an incredible sense

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Oh, Hello! Why yes…that’s my crotch!

of smell that they can find out all sorts of things about a person or place that we never could….just by sniffing! Sometimes that presents an embarrassing situation.  

Like when you have a guest over and your fur-kid’s nose ends up pushed in their nether-regions.

Sniffing the rear and front ends must allow dogs to find out many things that they couldn’t discover otherwise, as they spend a great amount of time with their nose up each other’s butts (and ours too for that matter!).  

But WHY? Well, it’s really simple, once you root around a bit (pun intended)…
  1.  If you start by observing how two fur-kids (who have not been taught not to be dogs!) greet each other…they do so with their noses. They sniff each others rear ends and other private parts.
  2. A fur-kid’s noise is its most powerful sense – more so than their hearing, and sight. Dogs have +/- 300 hundred million olfactory senses in their nose whereas we humans have a paltry 3 million olfactory sensors.
  3. In addition to their heightened sense of smell, dogs have anal sacs which emit scent (under their tail).

So now you can start to understand why dogs ‘sniff a person’s butt and/or crotch’ right?


A dog uses its sense of smell to understand who you are! When a dog sniffs it receives a TON of what they must feel is important information…it is a feast for their senses, for their mind. Scents stick around for a long time once they have been laid, and to your fur-kid, sniffing is something like watching a video of all the things that may have happened there in the past (although I can’t tell you what kind of video is playing in their mind when their nose is in your crotch).  Each dog, just like each person has their own unique scent – kind of like a finger print (the equivalent for a dog is a nose print).

Hey, you might get annoyed when your dog stops on a walk to sniff at every little thing, but that’s just the their way of finding out about their world, just like we do by using our eyesight. So next time you’re on a walk, be patient with him/her and let her sniff around a bit.
Now you nose….er…..know!
Beth Green, Owner and Pack Leader For Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking