One of the worst things that a pet parent can hear is that their fur-kid has cancer. November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and at Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking we care about the health and wellness of your Pet Cancer Awareness Monthfur-kids.

Take a moment to check out the facts regarding cancer prevention and what signs you should look for in your pet.

Cancer Prevention
For all pets, spaying or neutering helps immensely, as studies have shown it reduces certain cancers. Keeping your pet cancer-free can be as simple as not skipping vet checkups, pledging to keep your pet on a healthy diet with plenty of exercise, avoid carcinogens and limit sun exposure – yes, dogs can get skin cancer too!

What Are The Signs?

The American Veterinary Medical Association says that early detection can help tremendously in cancer treatment. Look for abnormal swellings or lumps, sores that do not heal, weight loss/loss of appetite and difficulty eating, a strange or offensive odor, bleeding or discharge from any part of the body, lameness, stiffness, loss of stamina, as well as difficulty breathing or using the bathroom.

If you notice any of the signs above, make sure that you make an appointment with your baby’s veterinarian immediately. Through early detection, supporting research and care, you can make a difference in your pets life.