Do you have a dog that chases cars?  

Car chasing is a predatory, territorial behavior that is triggered by noise and motion. You may notice that it is aimed at the cars and trucks that drive by www.pawspetcareathome.commost regularly, like the mail man or delivery trucks.

The biggest car chasing offenders are mostly frustrated herding dogs.  The herding instinct is nothing but a redirected form of the prey drive, in which the dog circles and drives his prey but does not follow through with the kill.  Your dog is trying to “herd” the cars.

The good news is that car chasing behavior is difficult, but not impossible to change.

As with most training, patience and consistency are key.  If your dog doesn’t know the drivers ask them to stop by for an introduction. Give them treats to give your dog. If your dog gets to know them, especially if they give him/her a treat when they stop by, she will be less likely to view them and their vehicles as trespassers.

Another way to change this type of behavior is making sure that your dog get’s exercised away from his/her territory (yard). We can help you with that!  Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking offers 20, 30 or 45 minute private walks. Our professional walkers can come leash up your fur-kid and take them for a walk or engage in other activities like a fast and furious game of fetch with a ball or a frisbee.  

Give us a call today at 502-802-5052 to discuss how we can help you help your fur-kid redirect his/her energy in a positive, fun way.