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I’m a penny-pincher.  I like to save money and enjoy being thrifty!  However, my father use to always tell me “Beth, you often get what you pay for!” and I’ve learned that when it comes to the things that are most precious to me, he is SO right.  I don’t cut corners when it comes to caring for those that I love…people OR pets.

Paws Pet Care isn’t the cheapest pet sitter in the Louisville area and we are aware of that.  However, we feel like our clients benefit from our reputation in the community, the relationships that we form with other businesses in the community (like vets, rescues, shelters, etc.) and our focus on QUALITY..not quantity.  Can you imagine what would happen if you came home from work, a trip, etc.  to find your pet uncared for, injured or worse…dead?  It HAPPENS!

Recently, in Scottsdale, Arizona there was a pet sitter in the news who pet sat for a family with four dogs and two died in her care. Unfortunately, this happens more than you think and this just happened to be one incident that was in the news.

My friend Danielle “Bella” Vasta owns a pet sitting company – Bella’s House & Pets – in Scottsdale Arizona and she wrote a great blog on how to choose a pet sitter, what matters in their credentials, what to be aware of, and what really doesn’t really matter.  Here’s what Bella has to say:

How To Choose A Pet Sitter
It is really quite simple. Go with your gut! It is not uncommon for pet sitting companies to charge a fee for the meet and greet that you can apply onto your first booking. These companies understand what their time is worth and this is a good thing for you! It shows they take their job seriously. Are they on time for your meeting? Did they answer the phone the first time you called or did they get back to your promptly? Trust your gut. If you want a pet sitter you can get a hold of while you are away then pay attention to how quickly they respond to you.

What Credentials Matter?
Of course being bonded and insured matters, however knowing what company holds their insurance is even more important. Think about it. If something were to happen and they were to “disappear” how would you know who to call? How involved are they with the community? How long have they been around and is it their full time job?

Be aware of the companies
…….that claim they are the best in their area by their own proclamation.  Be careful of those who don’t offer up personal information about themselves on their website or social media. It is okay to take this to heart – these people could be sleeping in your bed with your pets! Relying solely on their credentials of being bonded, insured, and part of a national organization do not mean anything.

What doesn’t really matter
…..are referrals from clients that the company gives you. Do you think they are going to give you people that are unhappy with their services? Also, hate to say it, but memberships in national organizations do not matter either. The way a company becomes a member is simply sending their dues in. So the company that is toting a national organization logo on the front page of the website, doesn’t tell potential clients anything. The organizations will say they have  a code of ethics, although the policing of every member’s ethics is a pretty big task.

OK…..so what DOES MATTER?

Who in the community vouches for them? What sorts of community outreach are they involved in? Have they won any prestigious awards? Do they return your calls or emails quickly? Does their website and social communities tell you who they are authentically? These types of things can not be faked or bought. They have to be earned.

Content From Bella’s House & Pets Blog
Danielle “Bella” Vasta, Owner/Author

Paws Pet Care may not be the cheapest, but our reputation in the community speaks for itself, and we know that every pet parent wants their fur-babies and homes safe when they can’t be with them.  Check out our reviews on Angie’s List, Google Places, Yelp!, our Facebook Fan Page and Yahoo! to see what some of our clients are saying about us.