You could call dogs the “Sherlock Holmes” of the animal kingdom.

They are curious by nature and their naturally keen senses – eyes, nose and ears give them lots of great information.  However, just like a human baby, to examine an object your fur-kid must use it’s mouth.

I mean, C’mon.  It makes sense if you think about it.  When’s the last time YOU tried to do anything with a paw lacking opposable thumbs? It’s not easy!

Chewing usually starts when your fur-kid is a puppy and continues throughout the teething stage.  That stage can last as long as a year, and maybe more.  The reasons that puppies chew are simple enough – it helps relieve those poor aching gums and hey…chewing is a NATURAL dog-behavior that builds strong jaws and ligaments.

The problems occur when Fluffy doesn’t know the difference in acceptable teething devices and unacceptable ones….like your Jimmy Choos.

Think about it. If you were Fluffy, wouldn’t you be attracted to that beautiful smell of leather infused with the scent of the Meat Department in the local grocery store, the tantalizing smell of where-you-have-been-all-day sprinkled with Eau de Human?

Remember this when it comes to those renegade chompers: prevention is always better than punishment. If your fur-kid seeks out your beautiful, expensive shoes, furniture or belongings, put them out of reach or safely confine Fluffy when you can’t be with him/her to supervise. If you find your fur-kid chewing on something inappropriate, distract them by saying “Ah Ah!” in a loud voice and clapping your hands or shaking a can of pennies. Then replace the forbidden delicacy with an acceptable one.

If you catch them in the act of chewing the RIGHT thing – like their chew toy – make sure to praise them or reward them with a treat.

Of course, you could always call Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking to break up their day and give them something else to do – like a walk or one-on-one playtime –  besides destroy your belongings!  We’re here for you…..

By – Betheny Green, Owner
Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking