I’d rather drown myself in the bathtub than to brush my three BIG dog’s teeth. ¬†They act like the toothbrush massacred their whole family at some point. ūüôĀ ¬†It’s not an easy task and I look forward to it like I do having a hole drilled in my head.www.pawspetcareathome.com
As much as I hate to do it, my vet tells me that brushing their choppers on a regular ¬†basis plays a big role in keeping my fur-kids healthy….*sigh*….so it must be done.
So here, in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, are some easy-to-follow steps for brushing your pet’s teeth:
1. The¬†Brush. My husband let me know after my own morning brushing routine (on MY teeth..not the dogs) that “Oh…is that YOUR toothbrush? Oops….honey….I brushed the dogs teeth yesterday WITH THAT TOOTHBRUSH”. ¬†After I was able to suppress a sudden homicidal urge, I decided to head on over to my local pet store where where I purchased a toothbrush specifically made for my dogs.
2.¬†The Paste. The first time I ever tried to brush Maddie’s teeth, I used the Crest that¬†I had in the bathroom. Two buckets of foam and spit later, Maddie let me know that peppermint was not her favorite flavor. So it was back to the pet store again….this time to get a flavor that she likes….like chicken, liver and even peanut butter. Sounds gross, I know.¬†
3. Start Now. ¬†The sooner you help your pet get used to teeth brushing, the better this will go for everyone. Don’t wait until they are big enough to stampede you like a herd of elephants.
4. Go Slow.¬†The ASPCA website has step-by-step instructions for¬†handling a dog’s mouth and introducing a toothbrush. The key point to remember is to take the process slowly so that your dog can get used to the procedure before you actually start brushing.
4. Reward, Reward, Reward. Look, Biscuit, Maddie and Riley are never going to love getting their teeth brushed. However, I try to make the experience worth it for them by giving treats when they sit, when they let me handle their mouths, and even throughout the brushing process.  Whatever works, right?  
5. It Needs To Happen More Than Once A Year. Now that you and your pet have made it through one round of tooth brushing, make it a point to make it happen more regularly.
You know they’re worth it (I say, as I am wiping chicken flavored toothpaste out of my hair……).
By Beth Green
Pack Leader At Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking