There’s nothing I love more than freshly fallen snow and at least TWO of my pack love to go out and romp in it.  The other says “NO WAY!”

While the freshly fallen snow be beautiful there are hazards to be aware of. Ice covered sidewalks, chemicals scattered across driveways and walkways can be hazardous to your fur-kids.

You know those chemicals that are sprayed all over the roads to try to keep us safe? And the salt 101202-dog-in-snow-hmed.grid-10x2that you throw down on your stairs, driveway and sidewalk to keep you from slipping and falling? These same chemicals get onto animals’ unprotected feet, where they can irritate the skin or get into small abrasions in the foot pads. The animal may also lick the chemicals off of their feet, resulting in stomach and intestinal problems. There are products that are relatively safe for animals, but not everyone uses a pet-friendly product for their sidewalks and driveways.

Cleaning your pet’s feet and underside as soon as you return home from a walk or as soon as they come in from a romp outside is really important. Just use a warm washcloth and make sure you get between the toes.  Check for abrasions on their paw pads as well.

Keep yourself and your pet safe during our Snowpocalypse by being aware and taking precautions.

By Betheny Green, Owner
Paws Pet Care