There are many debates on whether or not dry dog food is better than wet dog food. Some people claim that canned dog food is healthier, while some say that dry dog food is more sensible and not as fattening. Whatever the case, it is not hard to see that both sides have bothheir positives and negatives. Here is some information on the benefits and downfalls of both wet and dry dog food.

Dog Food: Wet vs Dry

Wet – Canned Dog Food

Positives: Canned dog food has many benefits – more than one might think. Wet food has some water in it, which helps to hydrate your dog. This is an easy way of hydrating a dog that may not drink water regularly. Another benefit of canned dog food is that it has many nutrients in it, and the meat included is preserved well, resulting in obtained nutrients. Wet food can be a good food choice for older dogs, since it is richer and higher in scent. (It is more appealing to older dogs that don’t have much of an appetite anymore because of their loss of high smelling skill).
Negatives: A downside of wet dog food is that it becomes harder to keep up with a dog’s dental hygiene. (In addition to it being harder, you would need to clean your dog’s teeth more often). Wet dog food is also messier, and must be refrigerated and eaten shortly after being opened.

Dry – Kibble

Positives: Kibble has its benefits as well. It is much more convenient to store. It lasts, after being opened, much longer than canned food. Kibble is less expensive than wet food. Dry dog food also benefits a dog’s dental hygiene much better than wet dog food.
Negatives: The negativity of dry dog food is that it can have much less nutrients than canned dog food. Kibble is also usually more unappealing to a dog than the canned. Some kibble brands are questionable as to whether or not their preservatives are actually healthy and safe for your dog.
The best way to make a decision on buying either dry dog food or wet dog food is to list the pros and cons, and decide which is best for your dog, whether they are a puppy, an adaptable young adult, or an older dog. Get your dog the quality nutrients they need, but don’t be ashamed to keep from spending too much money. Some use the method of combining the two types of food together. Be practical, and balance your dog’s diet as best as you can – and don’t forget to get your best friend some yummy treats, too!
By Staff Writer, Erika Smith