Everyone knows that movies are always best with a nice, big, buttery bowl of popcorn – every dog knows that, too. The problem is that it is always a battle knowing whether or not to share that delicious treat with your dog – for multiple reasons! It could be for fear of knowing whether or not popcorn is healthy for your dog, or simply because you do not want to share.

One thing to know is that popcorn is actually healthy for your dog! It  contains potassium and calcium, and is very low on calories when prepared all natural. The problem is all of that butter. Yes, it is true that buttered popcorn isn’t very good for your dog, and it is also true that it is slightly distracting (and exhausting, let’s be honest) to feed your pet one popped kernel at a time for two hours. So what to do?

Here is a simple dog-friendly solution that will leave satisfaction for every lover of popcorn – your dog’s very own recipe for every movie-watching event.

Ingredients :

 ½ cup of peanut butter

½ cup of all-natural stovetop popcorn

1 teaspoon of olive oil

1/3 teaspoon of all-natural honey

Directions :

Pop the kernels in oil.

Mix in the rest of the ingredients until the popcorn is fully coated.

Use a tablespoon to ball the popcorn together and set on some wax paper. ( Add more honey as an adhesive, if needed. )

 Allow your popcorn balls to set for a while.

Serve when ready!

Now you have a snack that is special for your pet while you have yours all to yourself. This recipe is not only a great idea for your own personal use, but it is also a great idea to use as doggie gift bags for any event!

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By Staff Writer Erika Smith