Exotic Fish Care

Exotic Fish Care

Are you trying to get down to the serious business of being worry-free for a few days but have a fish tank that needs care?

You can arrange for a Paws Pet Care pet sitter to drop in and make sure your fish are fed and all is well. We can drop in every day, every other day or as often as you like to feed and mind your fish for you while you’re away.

Pets: Fish

Service Description:

  • Fish are fed as directed
  • Tanks and the area around them are kept clean.
  • Picture and updates at least once a day via text or email to client if requested
  • For vacationing clients at no extra charge we also
    • Gather mail
    • Set cans out on trash day and bring them back in
    • Water indoor and porch plants
    • Rotate blinds
    • Turn lights on/off
    • Do a security walk-through (if requested)

The best care for your best friend

You can relax knowing your pets are loved and safe in the comfort of their own home.
Call today to find the perfect sitter for you and your furry friend!