Recently, I read some pretty disturbing reports regarding flea preventative and terrible reactions that furkids


Flea “Dirt”

were having to them. So, I asked  my vet about continuing with flea medication even if a fur-kid didn’t go outside much.  What if the fur-kid had arthritis and just went out on a leash to potty…  or just used pee pads indoors? Do they REALLY need a flea preventative? He told me a story about a boxer (we have a mutual love for these “clowns”) that he treated since puppyhood all the way into late adulthood named “Boots”. 

Boots was 13 years old and had arthritis. He didn’t spend time outside anymore….only went out on a leash to potty. Boots had started chewing the hair off his rump and his owner couldn’t figure out why in the world he would do such a thing. When he was examined, they found what is called “flea dirt” and flea bites.  Poor Boots had an allergic reaction to the saliva in the fleas, which caused him to itch and thus chew away at his skin/hair. Boots owner had stopped using a flea preventative because Boots wasn’t going out as much.  They never dreamed that Boots would get fleas from quick potty breaks in their clean and well-manicured lawn.

Yet, it happened. One single flea inside your home can produce up to 2,000 offspring in it’s life-span – which is 100 short days.  Can we say “infestation”?!?


Flea bites are no fun for dogs or people. Whats worse, is that for some dogs, a single bite can be really awful. Whats even MORE worse is that fleas carry dangerous diseases that can be transmitted to your fur-kids. 

None of us want to see our fur-kids suffer from pain, injury or illness, and we do everything in our power to keep our dogs safe, happy and healthy. Flea and tick control is so important. I believe it is something all dog owners should do, not only during the height of flea and tick season, but all year round.  

Do you have some suggestions for alternatives to chemical treatments for fleas?  Post your suggestions below!

By Beth Green, Chief Cuddle Officer
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