Well, it’s finally starting to warm up, the flowers are finally starting to bloom, and it’s finally time to step out into that fresh air and feel the sunshine! Full-fledged spring is just around the corner, so here are some fun things to plan on doing with your dog.

Go Outside

First of all, GET OUTSIDE! Hibernation time is over. Go out with your dog and stretch your tired muscles. Go for a hike and let your dog sniff around and smell the fresh scents of spring! Take your dog to a park and enjoy sitting on a bench while hearing the birds chirp and the fountains bubble. Take your dog to some form of training whether it be agility, relay, obedience, or AAA (Animal Assisted Activities) training. Get out of town and go on a fun weekend vacation with your pet!

Clean Up

Get some spring-cleaning done! Do some extra cleaning up around the house, for both human and pet caused messes. Get some of those pet stains out of the carpet (and try to keep the pet from adding more), get the dog food out from under the refrigerator – who knows how long it’s been under there! Go outside and do some yardwork and let your dog roam around and enjoy outside; and throw the ball every once in a while for your dog to chase after!


Open the windows, get some fresh air, turn some music on, and play around with some new recipes for the summer! Look up some good recipes for fresh grilled food, and for some sweet desserts for parties to come. Look for some new doggy treat recipes for yourself, and for sharing with family and friends!

Get Your Groove On

In any case, getting out and doing something new will bring the spring boost that you and your pet need after this winter. So get up, get ready, and get your spring groove on!

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By Staff Writer Erika Smith