Who doesn’t love costumes?! And who can deny a treat, or a pat on the head, or an obnoxious, high-pitched squeal of love to a dog who has the cutest costume on for Halloween?

Your pet is going to be the cutest pet on the block this Halloween. Here are some amazing costume ideas. You’re welcome!

1)    Cowboy Rider Costume

Okay, one of the cutest and most humorous costumes for pets are those which have a stuffed person or something riding your pet’s back! It definitely draws people’s attention, and there’s something so entertaining when your dog is prancing around with this lifeless figurine moving around uncontrollably. It’s hilarious. Look it up.

2)    Harry Potter Costume

This has to be one of the top three cutest costumes, and it wouldn’t even be necessary to by some pre-made costume! Just buy a kid-sized tie and a kid-sized brown coat, and voila – you just saved a lot of money! The signature round glasses, on the other hand, should probably be bought special for pets. But this is a must-have for your pet!

3)    Lion Mane Costume

These lion manes – especially on cats – are just really cool! They can blend in so well with your cat’s fur. Your cat will be a mini Simba in no time! This can work for dogs, too, but please do this to your cat. And take a lot of pictures. Jan, this is for you. Your cat might hate your for it, but it already does, so, win-loss?

4)    Hot Dog Costume

This one is just mean. This is how people call their dogs literal wieners – that people eat. BUT IT IS STILL SO CUTE! I love when people also go with the ketchup and mustard on the back. That really makes is perfect.

5)     UPS Mail-dog Costume

This one is so cute! It would look perfect for any sizes!

6)    Superhero Costume

Any superhero costume on your dog would be fantastic! I haven’t seen anyone tackling the Hulk costume, but that would be pretty epic.

7)    The-Ones-With-The-Two-Pant-legs-In-Front Costume

You know what I’m talking about. Those costumes that look like your pet is walking on two legs. And they are always looking so serious, which makes it even funnier!! This is definitely a common favorite, no doubt.

While these costumes are great ideas, keep in mind that costumes are not for every pet. Some pets don’t handle them well; and if that is the case, it might be best to stick with costumes for your human family members. But if your pet seems comfortable enough, be sure to get something fun for them this year – and the most important thing – don’t forget to document it! Share your pictures of your pets on our Facebook Page!

By Staff Writer Erika Smith
Staff Writer Erika Smith