It is time to get out the pumpkin spice lattes, the fall décor, the rain boots, scarves, and Halloween supplies! October is such a fun month, and it goes by quickly, so be sure to not miss out on all the fun things to do with your pet this month.

Halloween Safety Tips For Your PetsHalloween is just around the corner as well and one of the most important “to-do’s” on your Fall to-do list is to consider the safety of your pets this month. Here are some things to keep in mind and to practice for keeping your pet safe on Halloween.

1)    Keep all candy away from your pets.

Halloween is a great time for your kids to enjoy some extra sweets – but this does not include your pet! Chocolate is an absolute “no” above anything else because of the high toxicity of xylitol. This subject was stated in another article on our blog. Check it out to see the risks. If there is any extra candy from the kids, do not give it to the pets. Be smart, and eat it for yourself – or just throw it out like everyone else.

2)    Keep your pet inside – and away from the door – during Halloween nights.

Keeping your pets outside while you are not monitoring them is super unsafe during Halloween. People are known to have unkind pranks on pets – especially black cats, for obvious reasons. Plus, with everyone walking from door to door in weird costumes, your pet is more than likely going to get nervous from it. So keep your pet inside and let him enjoy the warmth and safety of home.

3)    Keep your pet away from Halloween pumpkins and decor.

If  your pet accidentally ingests big pieces of uncooked pumpkin or corn cobs, your pet’s intestines could become blocked.  An intestinal blockage could be fatal for your pet. Additionally, if you light your pumpkins the old-fashioned way (using a candle) and your pet is sniffing around trying to get to the wonderful candle burning inside – well, you can see where this is going. Just keep them away.

4)    Keep your pet’s collar and ID on.

Always have your pet’s ID attached to a secure collar. In the event that your pet does get lost there will always be a simple path back home for people to see if they have their tags on.

Enjoy your Halloween with your pet. Keep them away from a lot of stuff having to do with Halloween, and it will be great.

By Staff Writer Erika Smith