Does your pet hate having their paws touched?  Have you ever wondered why?

I remember as a child on my aunt’s farm we would go barefoot and try to run across the driveway, which would have been fine except the driveway was gravel. Our poor “city” feet weren’t tough like my aunt and uncles, who were use to walking barefoot all the time.

Dogs have tough paw pads that consist of tissue that’s comparable to a callous.  So it’s kinda like you’re dog is walking on thick leather soles. Our “farm” dog Jack could run across any kind of terrain like nobody’s business. But I remember that Jack hated to have his feet touched. It turns out that while a dog’s paw pads are pretty tough, the tops of their feet and between their toes are really sensitive. Regardless of what breed your dog is they will probably jerk away when you touch their feet.  

Go ahead, try it…..

The tops of a dog’s feet are loaded with nerve endings that send warnings when they sense pressure that could result in injury to their paws.

Dogs need their feet for everything that they do. They use them for communication, defense, transportation and even leave visual and scent markers when they scratch the ground. So that’s why your pup may get a little nervous when you start touching their feet.

Are your dogs reactive to having their feet touched?  Share your experiences with us!

By – Betheny Green, Owner
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