Unfortunately, it happens.  

We all have days when we just can’t get out of bed….when we’re so sick that the only thing we can do is pull the covers up over our heads, take some medicine and take care of ourselves. 

What does that mean for our clients fur-kids? They still need their potty-breaks, their timed medication, their walks….right?

At Paws Pet Care, when a member of our TEAM is unable to work, we are dedicated to backing each other up, working together as a TEAM and making sure that your babies are taken care of, no matter what. Paws Pet Care has developed a unique back-up system to anticipate illnesses and emergencies on our end, so that they do not become an emergency for our clients. Can you imagine getting a phone call from your pet-sitter to let you know they are cancelling on you because they are ill, or have car trouble, or have been in a car accident….leaving you to scramble at the last minute to make “other” arrangements to have your babies taken care of?

Neither can we.

At each new client “Get Acquainted” visit, we require two copies of each client’s keys.  Garage-door openers don’t count! That way if your pet sitter is ill, in a car accident, has car trouble…or ANY emergency we have a spare that is held in a secure key-box and marked only with 4 digit codes – NOT your names or addresses – so that we can take care of your babies NO MATTER WHAT.

Our online system, LeashTime allows our clients to ensure their pet’s information is up to date and includes a place where the sitters can update the notes as needed.  It is a great way for us to all know what is going on at all times.  Each sitter must mark their visit “complete” in the system so that I (the pack leader) knows that your baby has been cared for on schedule.

Paws Pet Care’s team of bonded and insured, Pet CPR/First Aid certified professionals is dedicated to providing the best care for your fur-kids that you will find in Louisville, Kentucky.  We’ve got your tail covered!

– Beth Green
Pack Leader at Paws Pet Care