Yesterday Metro Animal Services took in 34 dogs from one hoarding case in Louisville. Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, along with many rescue groups here in Louisville are trying to spread the work in order

Why Do People Hoard Animals?

to get these dogs out.

Space was already tight at Metro Animal Services and now with the additional influx, they will no doubt put existing dogs down due to overcrowding.

The dogs from the hoarding case came from a trailer home and are now housed in temporary cages on the dock at Metro. Some are in the kennels. There are many cute puppies and most of these dogs are very adoptable.

Please, PLEASE help us the word out to the community and help all the dogs at Metro. The dogs marked “URGENT” in the following link are the dogs most at risk for euthanasia due to space, given the most recent intake of dogs:

More LMAS-available dogs can be found here: any dog that MOVES out of their system is good right now. Although the “urgent” dogs in the album above are most at-risk.

Wags and Whiskers,

The Team At Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking