Dogs in the military have struggled over the years to earn their recognition as American heroes and the pack at Paws Pet Care, Louisville Pet Sitting & Dog Walking wants to recognize and give them the honor they deserve. Here are some fascinating facts about military working dogs (MWD’s):

  1. MWD’s have been in combat with US soldiers during every major conflict, but they were not officially recognized until WWII.
  2. MWD’s are trained in bomb, weapon and drug detection, tracking, and to attack the enemy.
  3. There are about 2500 dogs in active MWD’s in service today and about 700 deployed overseas.
  4. MWD’s aren’t all German Shepherds. There are many breeds.
  5. MWD’s can get PTSD just like humans.
  6. MWD’s mourn the loss of their handler and vice versa.
  7. Until November 2000, military dogs were euthanized or abandoned after retirement.

There are several ways YOU can honor the efforts of military working dogs, such as making a donation to a non-profit that helps to provide life-saving equipment for the four-legged soldiers or tends to the needs of retired MWDs.

Woof!  We thank all our two AND four-legged heroes for their service to our great nation!