In my line of work, we pet sitters insist on seeing your kitty at the VERY LEAST every other day and we prefer every single day for a number of Paws Pet Care Cat Sittingreasons….the LEAST of which is money in our pockets. Here’s a few:

Cats like clean, fresh water. How would you like to be left with a water bowl full of tepid water that’s developing a layer or slime or a bowl of food that’s getting older by the minute.  How would you like to have to use a toilet that is full of waste for several days?

That’s what your cat has to live with when you are gone for more than 24 hours.

What if  your cat spills it’s water, or eats all it’s food in a day? And even worse, what if your cat if he gets seriously sick or injured, and no one’s around to help?  A cat’s urethra can become blocked easily….a serious and extremely painful condition that can be FATAL within 24 hours if not attended to immediately.

Although there are some time-release food-dispensers that can keep a cat covered for a weekend in a pinch — and pet water fountains can keep pets happily hydrated with a freshened supply — your pet really should have someone check in AT LEAST once a day.

Cats may be independent by nature but that doesn’t mean they don’t miss you when you’re away. Cats aren’t aloof as most people assume. Cats are social creatures that require daily attention. 

If you need to be away for a few days, give us a call at 502-802-5052 to discuss how we can make your trip stress free for your cat. We do cat (and other fur-kid) sitting and will give your kitty loving care while you are away. A daily visitor will keep your cats’ life consistent and unchanged by making sure he/she has fresh food, fresh water and clean living quarters.

A little social interaction will go a long way in letting Kitty know that you’ll be back soon and you’ll have peace of mind knowing all is well at home.

– By Betheny Green, Owner
Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking