The method that you use to potty-train your dog will determine how many times a day your fur-baby should be let out. At Paws Pet Care, we are big advocates of crate training, and believe that there is no better method to house-train a dog than with a crate.

Dogs are, by nature, den animals and feel secure in small, enclosed spaces. Most dogs will seek out a place in your home that will mimic a den. You will often find them sleeping under a table or desk. Dog crates make excellent dens and can serve as a refuge, a hangout and a bedroom. It is very important that the dog crate is never used as punishment – the crate must always be regarded as a safe and special retreat.

The most common misconception about a dog crate is that it is a cruel form of caging a pet. This is completely false, and in fact, a dog will actually find a crate to be a secure and safe sanctuary in the same manner as a wolf enjoys the comfort of a den for resting and eating.

Your puppy or dog should not be in a crate more than their age in months equal to hours. For instance:

  • a 2 month old dog shouldn’t be in a crate longer than 2 hours between walks/potty breaks.
  • a 3 month old dog shouldn’t be in a crate longer than 3 hours between walks/potty breaks.
  • a 4 month old dog shouldn’t be in a crate longer than 4 hours between walks/potty breaks.
  • a 5 month old dog and up shouldn’t be left any longer than 5 hours between walks/potty breaks.
  • A dog should not be crated for more than 5 hours between visits. Keeping a dog in a crate for too long can lead to urinary tract infections and overall health issues from putting pressure on the dog’s bladder.

1. Never use the crate as punishment. Time outs are okay when done with out emotion (no screaming, yelling etc.) 

2. Don’t over use the crate. Your dog should not be “living” in it. 

3. Do not force your dog into its crate, especially if he wigs out at the mere sight of it.

By taking your time and letting your dog become acclimated to the crate, you can have an invaluable training tool and your companion can have a place to call his own. Need help letting your fur-kid out to potty?  Give us a call at 502-802-5052 or email us at We’ll be happy to help!