There is absolutely nothing like getting a new puppy, calling him yours, and taking him home with you! It’s one of the best feelings in the world, and one of the most life-changing. Owning a puppy is so much fun, but it also comes with having much responsibility along with much patience – especially when living the first week or two with your puppy. Here are some tips for introducing your puppy to a new home.

Immediately start potty-training.

As soon as you get home, take your puppy to the yard and let him do any business, or at least let him sniff around and get familiar with his surroundings. If you frequently take your puppy out, the training process will go much smoother and faster.

Give your puppy time.

When introducing your puppy to a new place, show him one area at a time. A big new home can be overwhelming, so as a start, close off certain areas you don’t want him in, and let your puppy spend some time in one room getting used to that first. Also, give him time to get used to you yourself along with the surroundings before meeting a bunch of people all at once.

Set up a designated area for your puppy.

Your puppy is going to need security, so set up a little “den” where they can rest. Set up a cozy bed in a crate with a puppy-safe chew toy. Putting your puppy in the crate the first night will prove to be helpful down the road. He will get used to it and will later on enjoy his own space.

Be consistent.

Staying consistent with a schedule will help your puppy’s adaption process much easier and faster. Have a consistent eating, potty, playing, and sleeping time.

Spend quality time with your puppy.

Let your puppy get to know you when you get home. Spend some time cuddling and playing alone. You will become your puppy’s security, and the both of you will be able to bond together. This will allow your puppy to trust you and feel much more comfortable with you and the environment. Make sure you spend a good amount of time being alone with him before bringing in all of the family and friends to meet him.

They key to having a successful environmental introduction for your puppy is to have patience and take things slowly. Imagine your life being turned upside-down and being put in a completely different environment – and with a stranger. The great thing is that dogs are very adaptable, and will grow to love you, trust you, and be faithful to you. You doing the same to them will be a great foundation for your relationship. Remember to not lose patience, and enjoy the moments of the firsts – the first toy, cuddle, kiss, mess, frustration, and choice to unconditionally love.

The short training process is nothing compared to the friendship of a lifetime that comes as a result!

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By Staff Writer Erika Smith