I’ll never forget the picture that my mom has of her beloved beautiful golden retriever, “Niko”, who she caught buried www.pawspetcareathome.comshoulder deep in her pot of prize petunias with black dirt flying willy-nilly through the air between her legs.

Fortunately for Niko, my mother was the patient type who enjoys candid photography as much or more than she does prize petunias.

Which brings me to the question……why do they DO that anyway?  You know….dig big holes in our beautifully maintained yards, or dig up our vegetables and flower beds…or even dig into that “special” place in the couch until it wears the fabric to shreds?

It turns out that dog digging is just a basic part of being a dog.  It comes with the territory, so to speak.  A nice comfy hole in your Hydrangeas makes a great, cool bed for them in the summer.

Other reasons that dogs dig are for protection, storage, prey and…well….just for shits and giggles or because they are giant assholes.  Like my dogs. You know, those dogs that dig for the shear entertainment of the dirty act of digging.

The non-asshole reasons, like they were BRED to dig…is more acceptable. For instance, Terriers were bred to dig.  This is one of the big reasons why that I tell people to research breeds before you decide to add them to your pack.  If you don’t want a digger, you may want to pass on the terrier and go for a breed that…let’s say…enjoys the lazier side of life.

Or, if you are the tolerant kind that doesn’t give a crap about your yard or your garden….then let your dog live a little. What could be down there in that hole? The possibilities are endless….and digging is fun (or it looks like it must be) when the dirt goes flying.

By – Betheny Green, Owner
Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking