Way back in the day, there were no refrigerators. No pop-top cans of Alpo. No bags of kibble. No people. Sodogs had to figure out a way to store what “food” they couldn’t eat at one sitting after they caught it so they could come back to it.

Answer: Bury it.

Burying turned out to be a pretty resourceful way of storing food. Sure, it was a little gritty when they dug it up but to someone who “cleans up” other animals poop in their territory by eating it….well….I’m sure that a little grit wasn’t a problem at all.

Dogs don’t have the need to bury food anymore but as the old saying goes, “old habits die hard” so they look for the perfect spot and bury their goodies away. Sometimes “goodies” are more than bones. Toys, shoes, socks, the kids toys, the TV remote…..nothing is safe.

If you have a dog that digs and buries things you probably know that  dogs bury leftovers…not the main meal. A dog with 10 bones may bury 9 of them, while a dog with only one bone will usually not let it out of his site. So let your pooch only have 1 bone at a time. Also, note that dogs with “digging” genes are the ones that will most likely bury bones and other treats. Terriers and dachshunds are diggers because they were actually BRED to do so. It was once their job to dig and flush out rodents and other small mammals from holes. It’s always a good idea to research your dog’s breed so you can better understand their traits.

Do you have a digger?  Tell us about them and share a picture!