It is absolutely both crazy and exciting that it is already July! It is finally time to go to the pool, go to the lake or the ocean, walk around downtown, explore new hiking trails, get away on vacation; and, of course, participate in what may very well be what we all think of when we think of summer – Fourth of July cookouts!

The smell of the hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, the sound of laughter of family and friends, the booming fireworks, and, last but not least, the entertaining and fun company of everyone’s furry friends are all what makes a Fourth of July so perfect and well spent! However, as much as a cookout is all fun and games, a pet owner MUST still be careful and remember to keep his pet’s safety in mind.

Here are some simple safety tips to remember this Fourth of July.

No Alcohol For Pets

Everyone knows how damaging alcohol is for a body, much less damaging to a much smaller body of a pet. If there is alcohol present at your cookout, do not give any to the pet. Not only that, but keep it out of reach when the pet is roaming around.

Provide A Safe Place For Your Pet

If your pet is an inside dog, provide a way for them to get back in the house. Give them access to a small room with a bed some food, water, and even a toy so that they can escape from all of the people and potential chaos.

Keep Your Pets Inside

You know your pet best, and whether or not they can handle being outside during the cookout, but it is strongly suggested that pets should definitely stay inside during the fireworks. Fireworks can easily put an animal in distress. This could result in your pet running away. Put your pet in his safe place.

ID Your Pet

If you do not have your dog tagged, now is a perfect time to do it. It is easy to lose track of where your pet is in a crowded area, and all the chaos might cause your pet to run away. Provide identification on your pet’s collar so that if your pet gets lost and someone finds him, it will be much faster and easier to get him back home.

Stay diligent in safety precautions so that you do not have anything to worry about during your party, and have a happy Fourth of July!

By Staff Writer, Erika Smith