By Betheny Green

It’s hard to leave our fur-kids alone when we have to go to work, school or when you have to travel.

Whether your kid barks, whimpers, whines, or just looks at us with those sad, sad eyes as we walk out the door they sure know how to make us feel guilty for leaving them.  

You should know that Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking can help you to feel better about this situation by coming by to break up your dog’s day with a Quick Potty Break or some Playtime. If you are traveling we can do Drop In visits or even Overnights in your home so your fur-kid doesn’t have to be kenneled.  Additionally, here are a few tips to make sure that your fur-kid is safe while you are gone:

How to Make Sure Fido is Out of Harm’s Way

1. Provide safe toys. Try the following types of dog toys for his solo time at home or in a crate: (1) rubberized toys that can hold for long hours of safe chewing, (2) flavored synthetic Nylabones which look like real bones, but won’t break up and splinter like actual thing, and (3) stuffing a Kong toy or safe, hollow toy with peanut butter and then freezing it overnight for a long-lasting treat.

2. Dog-proof. Before you leave put away some of the most common hazards in every room in your house. These include cleaning products, poisonous detergents, sharp aluminum cans, plastic bags and trash with hazards like discarded chicken bones (which can pose suffocation and choking dangers), and glass or dish-ware on countertops (think counter-surfing) that can shatter. Watch out for loose blinds, curtains, and electrical cords. Check your bathroom for medications, personal care products, and air fresheners. While your dog is young or still learning appropriate behavior at home, you should consider crating him while you’re away, or confine him to a small, safe area of the home through the use of baby gates or dog-safe barriers.

3. Provide Comfort.  Make sure the temperature in your house is neither too cold nor too hot. Leave lots of fresh, cool water on hand, and keep in mind that the more physically at ease your dog is, the more likely he will be content mentally. Leave your fur-kid with a worn article of clothing (with the understanding that it might get chewed!) that reminds him of your scent. Create some noise by leaving the TV or radio on. 

Most importantly, consider hiring Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting and Dog Walking to give your fur-kid lots of love and attention while you are away so he will be happy when you return home!