Remember my blog post about the Chicken Jerky treats that were reportedly killing dogs? Well, the first class action lawsuit has been filed regarding THOSE SAME treats that are imported from China.  

Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLC of Chicago, IL has filed the first class action lawsuit against Waggin’ Train Jerky Treats and Walmart.  They represent plantiff Dennis Adkins, “on behalf of all consumers who purchased certain dog treats manufactured, marketed, distributed or sold by defendants.”  

In a interview, Nestle Purina (importers of Waggin’ Train jerky treats) stated the treats are“safe to feed as directed.”  And Purina intends to “vigorously defend ourselves.”  

Susan Thixton, pet food safety advocate asks “It is still puzzling what ‘safe to feed as directed’ means.  Do these jerky treat importers know something such as why they might not be safe if one dares not to feed as directed?  How much more than ‘as directed’ does it take for kidney failure?”  

As your pack leader at Paws Pet Care, I encourage you to READ LABELS of all treats that you feed your fur-kids.  Make sure that your treats do not contain mystery ingredients and are MADE IN AMERICA.  Sometimes, it’s very tricky to tell….usually “made in China” is very tiny and often located below the barcode.  Many times you will see “Manufactured” or “Distributed” from a particular state, but the treats can still be made in China.

– Beth Green
Pack Leader At Paws Pet Care