Valentine’s Day has now passed. People shared poems, chocolates, roses, candies, kisses, and hugs. But what about all of the pets? Maybe some were treated for Valentine’s Day, but for those who weren’t, Love Your Pet Day starts on February 20th, so it’s still not too late!

Here are some ways to show your pet some love this February.

Think of how much they mean to you.

Just like relationships with people, it can get easy to forget to stop and think of how much that person has done and been for you. Let your mind replay back to when you first got your pet. Think of how little they were, and how much you wanted to take them home and give them the world. Think of how fun it was to have something of yours that depended on you, that was happy when you were happy, and sad when you were sad. Think of the excitement of both master and pet when you came home from work for the first time being away, and opening the door at which a welcoming friend waited. Think of the amount of love that has only grown between you and your pet, and the amount that will continue to grow.

Treat them.

Do something special for them that you normally don’t do. Plan a special day! Go for a joy ride. Take them to a different hiking location and experience fresh sights and smells. Go to a park and play with a ball, or a frisbee. Plan a pet date with a friend! Go back home and have a dinner and a movie night, and cuddle on the couch. Give them love and attention and they’ll be the happiest pets on the earth

Keep loving them.

You can never give them a soft pat on the head with approving eyes too many times. Every day that you show love to your pet gives it life, and it will love you to the ends of the earth for it. Keep showing your pet the attention and love they deserve!

After all, that’s exactly what they do for you. Every single day of the year, every hour of the day, their sole purpose in life is to be your pet. To be there for you. They deal with all of your life drama, all of your emotions, and all of your changes. The least you can do is to take a day out of the year to show them how much you appreciate it.

By Staff Writer Erika Smith