I asked one of our most requested Pet Care Professionals, Melissa Brown, to share with you 25 fun facts that you may not know about her.  Melissa has a true love and adoration

Melissa and her beloved dog, Miles

for your pets.  She takes care of many of our fur-clients during in the morning and afternoon and works as a coder at Baptist Hospital East third shift full-time as well.  

Here are some cool facts about Melissa:
 1. I can play the Clarinet
2.  I had my tonsils removed last year
3.  I had lasik surgery…so now I can see what your fur-kids actually look like!
4.  I hate popcorn completely
5.  I love black jelly beans
6.  I got salmonella from raw sushi and havent eaten it since.
7.  I am an extreme couponer
8.  My favorite colors are pink & purple
9.  I love tattoos and body piercings. I have 1 tattoo and have had 7 piercings
10. I love Honda Civics and have owned 3 
11. My favorite food is steak–well done
12. My favorite place in the world is Panama City Beach Florida
13. I had an amazing and perfect dog Miles. He was almost 15 when he died in 2010
14. I can burp on command
15. I have no self control when it comes to shopping. none..none!
16. I love animals more than people.
17. I once pretended to be sick in middle school so i could come home early and watch my soap opera (it had an awesome storyline at the time)
18. I have 100 gb of music on my computer 
19. I have to sleep with a fan running
20. When i was three i got caught painting our concrete garage floor with blue paint.
21. Orange tic-tacs are delicious
22. I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 2
23. I love geneology
24. I have over 400 dvd’s
25. I cut class with my friends constantly during my senior year and never got caught.