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Yes, I call myself a dog-mom…

I have two beautiful “people” kids and three amazing “fur-kids” myself.  Yesterday, I got to spend Mother’s Day with Dillon, my son and Biscuit, my pretty princess (the others were scattered doing other things).

I feel like a mom to my dogs. I know some people roll their eyes and think that’s weird, but it’s true. My dogs are a hugely important part of my life.  And I know many people who only have fur-babies, whether by choice or by fate, who are celebrating this Mother’s Day as a pup parent. I think it’s great when people find ways to celebrate joys in life, and being a dog mom is certainly an important job and science actually proves that mothering a dog has some valid correlations with mothering a child.


We decided to spend the day in our favorite place….

I love the outdoors and since yesterday was “my” day, I got to choose to spend it how I wanted, which was out on the water at beautiful Guist Creek Marina and CI hope that you remembered all the moms in your life on Mother’s Day yesterday! Even the moms of furry children that have four legs instead of two.ampgrounds.  I happen to be a kayak enthusiast and try to take my kayaks out as much as possible with my son Dillon and my friends.

Mother’s Day seemed the perfect beautiful day to do so, so we packed up the kayaks, picked up a couple sub sandwiches for lunch, threw our gear in a backpack and headed out.

The day wouldn’t be perfect without our “princess”…

Biscuit, my rescue from Saving Sunny, Inc tends to be glued to my side at all times and always knows when we plan to leave the house because…well…she’s the smartest big brown Biscuit in the world. She hikes, camps and goes with us on pretty much all our outdoor adventures. However, we had never tried kayaking with her before.  I’ve seen other smaller dogs on kayaks with their owners but Biscuit is a big girl with alot of “junk in the trunk”…lolol!  Her brother, Dillon insisted that we give it a go and so I agreed…knowing that putting her in a kayak was going to be an epic success…or a catastrophe.

Biscuit, my pretty princess and partner in crime!

Kayaking with a dog is not for the faint of heart…..

Once we arrived at Guist Creek we quickly unloaded the kayaks from the racks, dropped them on a handy gravel area right beside the boat ramp and then the adventure began.

We started out with Biscuit in MY kayak.  She’s very attached her her momma so I thought that would work out best.

We finally got Biscuit situated and set sail!

Because of her size it was hard for me to be able to fit my feet in the kayak the way that they should go AND I felt like I needed to give her some additional space. Fitting her and myself in the kayak comfortably was a challenge.  However, we got ourselves situated and set sail.

It wasn’t long before we realized that kayaking with a big brown Biscuit (or any dog I imagine) definitely has its challenges.

Biscuit was totally upset that her brother was NOT in the kayak with us and barked, cried and wailed if he paddled any more than three feet beside, in front or behind us.  She nearly capsized us several times trying to get into HIS kayak….lolol!

So back to shore we went, and put her in HIS kayak.

Alas…..Biscuit was just too nervous about not being with BOTH OF US in the SAME vessel at the same time.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way….

After trying to make her comfortable for about an hour, Dillon and I decided to head back to shore and execute plan B.  We rented a canoe that we could ALL fit in comfortably.

Problem solved!

We spent the better part of what became a perfect Mother’s Day on the water together, sharing lunch and just spending quality time together, which for me was the best Mother’s Day gift a mom could ask for.

How did you spend YOUR Mother’s Day?  Share with us in a comment below.