January is “Walk Your Dog” month, and if you are one of the 45% of Americans that made a New Year’s resolution, walk-your-dog-monththen you probably have some weight loss or general health goals in mind for yourself. Did you know that if your fur-kid needs to lose those extra rolls around their hips from yummy holiday treats that they enjoy the SAME health benefits that come along with walking as YOU do?

According to independent studies, 57.9% of American pets are overweight or obese. Even an extra five pounds on your dog is associated with greater risk for disease.

Dogs also enjoy mental stimulation by getting out in the neighborhood and sniffing the trees, sidewalks, fire hydrants and each other.  So put your phone away, focus on your pets and get out and get healthy together!

Of course, if you’re just too busy and need a  professional dog walker that you can trust let Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking meet your dog walking needs.  Call us today at 502-802-5052. We offer 20 and 30 minute walks.