One of the most rewarding things that I have done in a long time is opening up my home to a

This is Biscuit shortly before I got her

pitty “baby” that needed love and care.  “Biscuit”, a rescue from Saving Sunny, came home with me a few weeks ago.  Although she had come a long way since they pulled her up from Metro Animal Services, she was still sick, weak and in need of a family that would love and help her until she can be adopted.

I am ashamed to admit that, although I have always loved all breeds and never discriminated against any in ANY way, I was really uneducated about the pit bull breed.   Biscuit inspired me to take the time to research and educate myself about the myths and the truths surrounding this loyal and loving breed and I look forward to working more with Saving Sunny in educating the public.

I saw Biscuits picture on Saving Sunny’s Facebook Page, and she just “spoke” to me with those big baby eyes.  I swear I felt a connection to her just looking at her picture.  I immediately got in contact with Saving Sunny and asked if we could foster her.  Every day since has been wonderful.  

Biscuit is so smart.  At just 14 weeks old she is almost completely crate-trained and knows a few little basic commands like “sit” and “come”.   She loves her foster sister Maddie and brother “Riley” and they love her too.  Maddie is just 9 months old, so they play together ALL DAY long…and get into TONS of mischief if not watched closely (I recently found them both hanging out in my bathtub shredding my loofah). Biscuit

This is Biscuit now, munching on her cow snout. 🙂

LOVES car rides.  She is very low-key and follows me around like a little duckling.  She just wants to be where I am all the time, whether its in the car, sitting in a chair, laying in the bed…she’s content to be right beside me, but isn’t overly-needy either.

Come out and see our just how big and pretty our little “Biscuit” has gotten in the past few weeks! Join Saving Sunny for their  second annual Pitty Fair, a pet friendly art and music festival dedicated to celebrating fairness and equality for all breeds by promoting the positive pit bull movement. 

Special guests will include:

  • Ken Foster – Sula Foundation creator and Best-Selling Author of The Dogs Who Found Me as well as upcoming book, I’m a Good Dog: America’s Most Beautiful and Misunderstood Pet.
  • Harper the Pit Bull, with her mom and Dolly’s Foundation creator Erica Daniel

As well as artists and vendors, Magnolia photo booth, “Kid Pit”, raffle, kiss-a-bull kissing booth, and much more!

Musical Guests: 

  • Joan Shelley and The June Brides
  • Leigh Ann Yost
  • Nick Peay

Food Provided by:

  • Lil’ Cheezers
  • Morels the Vegan Butcher
  • Grind Gourmet Burgers
  • Heine Brothers Coffee
  • Louisville Dessert Truck

Interested in vendor space? We have limited space left for non-profits, artist and other vendors. e-mail for more info.

Beth Green, Owner
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