It’s holiday time again!

I LOVE buying gifts for our fur-kids and our friends and client’s fur-kids for their birthdays and holidays! I have some great recommendations for those of you that are holiday shopping for the “paw-fect” gift to give your fur-kids/fur-friends.

I found a great source for pet product news and reviews……”Dr. Debra”. Over the past two years Dr. Debra (Director of Product Research for went to four major pet product shows: the Global Pet Show (Orlando), Backers Spring Show (Atlantic City), Zoomark (Italy), SuperZoo (Las Vegas) and the Backers Christmas Pet Product Show (Chicago). She attends all of these industry shows to find new, innovative, high quality products that are also a great value. Dr. Debra carefully researches, picks and tests these products – and that testing is substantial. She and her team look at thousands of products.  But less than 0.1% of these products will meet the guidelines and be “approved.” 

Based on her testing Dr. Debra has identified some great dog toys:

1. Invincible Gecko  – The Kyjen Invincible Gecko has a revolutionary new squeaker technology that keeps on squeaking even after it has been punctured! The toy’s entire body is made up of these large squeakers (so there is no fiber fill inside the toy). It comes in two sizes and is sure to be one of your dog’s all-time favorite toys.

2. Doggles Bottle Chicken – This toy combines the fun of crunchy, crackly bottles with the safety of a reinforced toy. The soft plush chicken contains either a recycled 20 oz water bottle (in the small/medium size) or milk jug (in the large size). A dog-safe Velcro flap keeps the bottle safely inside this machine-washable toy for easy replacement. You can also stuff the chicken with items such as old t-shirts that can give your dog comfort.

3. Invincible Ginormous Snake – Just like the Invincible Gecko, the Kyjen Invincible Snake will keep on squeaking even after it is punctured. It uses the same revolutionary new squeaker technology and it is very interactive. Whether your dog has been naughty or nice, the Invincible Snake will make a wonderful holiday gift.

4. Talking Babble Ball – Why do dogs love this ball? Because it’s “alive”! The Talking Babble Ball is sure to be a big hit with your dog – and it’s a hoot for you to watch your dog interact with it. The ball is activated when your dog approaches and utters more than 20 different sounds and phrases. It also makes a great stocking stuffer. 

5. Core Chew – It might look like an ordinary apple, but this very cool toy also keeps your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Simply place your dog’s favorite treats in the durable rubber toy. As your dog chews to get them out, the Core Chew gently cleans away plaque and tartar. An apple a day keeps the vet away, after all! 

6. Everlasting Fun Balls – This is one tough toy!  In fact, the Everlasting Fun Ball is one of the toughest chew toys I’ve ever seen. The thick puncture-resistant material in this unique ball is practically indestructible! It’s totally safe for your dog and it comes in 3 fun sizes. It makes a great chew toy, but it is also a fun treat toy when you insert an Everlocking Treat.

7. Indoor Ball Launcher – Speaking of indoor play, this toy is perfect for just that. This soft and durable toy lets you engage your dog in a game of fetch in the comfort of home. It’s great for inclement weather or just when you feel like a quick game of fetch from the couch. 

8. Go Dog Dragon – This adorable dragon is one fun plush toy that’s built to last because it’s made with Chew Guard technology.  The tough inner liner resists punctures and tearing while the double-stitched reinforced seams add extra durability.

9. Wild and Crazy Sherpa Monkey – I just LOVE these monkeys!  They’re made by the folks at GoDog, so they are built tough with heavy-duty threads and reinforced seams to withstand high bite pressure. Instead of two separate arms and legs being sewn onto the monkey, each set of arms and legs is one solid piece that it made to slide back and forth through the monkey’s body – which is really great for tug of war! These cuddly cuties come in 4 different colors and sizes.

10. Green Interactive – Recently named “Best New Product” for dogs, Green is an interactive feeder with an innovative design. At first glance it looks like a patch of grass, but in seconds it becomes so much more. Simply pour the desired amount of food in the Green feeder and let your dog push the food out among the blades. Slower eating helps your dog’s digestion and helps prevent gas, plus it’s a great challenge for clever dogs in need of something to keep them busy.

11. Tony Tuff Guy – OK, this one is just plain fun. “Tony” looks like a “tough guy” but this plush squeaker mat is a real softie. The different types of squeakers keep your dog entertained. This is one of my very favorite products of 2012 because it works well with dogs of all sizes. 

I hope the list above will give you some great ideas for your holiday shopping! What gifts have you bought for your fur-kids this year?  Comment below!

Wags and Whiskers,

Beth Green, Pack Leader
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