Ever wonder why your pooch exhibits certain behavior? Are you curious about the unknown history of your adopted animal? Is your precious fur-kid facing a health issue or crises? If you have these or other questions, our friends at Three Dog Bakery here in Louisville have brought in a “Pet Psychic” to help you find answers.

Animal communicator Latifa Meena has been helping people and pets understand each other better for decades, and will be making a special appearance at Three Dog Bakery on Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st.  There will be 15 and 30 minute sessions offered at $30 and $60 respectively. If your pet is deceased and you are unable to bring him/her with you, you must bring a picture of them and the picture must clearly show the pets eyes.

Sessions should be made in advance by calling Three Dog Bakery at 502-897-3364. I had absolutely no idea that anybody like this even existed, but they do!  

What do you think about the idea of a Pet Psychic?