By Beth Buster, Owner
Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Following are some suggestions for supplies for professional pet sitters to carry in their cars or on their persons:

Smart Phone – You will need your smart phone to access the LeashTime sitter application which allows for check-in and check-out of visits, accessing your schedule and your client’s

Pet Sitter Supplies


Pet First Aid Kit – For unexpected accidents or emergencies it’s always best to have this kit in easy reach. Put this together yourself to ensure you are familiar with its contents.

Cleaning Supplies – Accidents happen and your clients may run out of paper towels, and disinfectant. Don’t get stuck with a mess on your hands without the basic clean up supplies. Be
careful what products you use on clients floors and furniture though as some cleaners may not be suitable. It’s always best to check with clients in the initial interview to find out what cleaners they use on wood floors, tile, or carpets.

Spare collars and leashes – If you need to transport pets it’s always a good idea to carry backup collars and leashes just in case you can find the clients or the clients are damaged.

Towels and large blanket – Towels always come in handy to clean up, and can also be soaked and used to cool pets suffering from heat stress. A large blanket will help you to transport a large pet if injured pet and unable to walk.

Portable pet carrier – Just in case you need to transport a cat or small dog it’s always best to have a backup in case the clients is missing or damaged.

Poop Bags – Make sure you do your part to keep the environment safe by picking up after your client’s pets when walking.

Dog Treats and Toys – One way to make friends with a nervous dog is to bring food or toys. Check with your clients before feeding treats to pets as some pets may have allergies. Make sure toys are sterilized to avoid cross infection.

Bottled Water – Drinking water for you or the pets is never a waste of space. Especially in hot weather always carry some an emergency supply.

Mileage Log – As so much time is spent on the road, it’s important to keep a log handy and document all business miles as these can be claimed for taxes. I personally suggest rather than keeping a hand-written log to use apps on your cell phone that track your mileage automatically. We like “MileIQ” or “Taxbot

Pawgress Reports – A report card to leave client reports at each visit if they have requested it.

Notepad and Pen – To ensure you can take phone messages and new client information if you receive a new booking or enquiry while you are out on the road.

Share your other supply ideas below!