Plants around the house can be the perfect last accessory to any home. They are beautiful, and leave a fresh, aesthetic vibe. But what is often forgotten or unknown is that many common plants are harmful to pets. Here are some plants to stay away from and why.

The Lily Plant

The toxic chemical from the Lily Plant is not known, but it is definitely not safe for pets. It contains a toxic chemical that causes kidney failure in cats, and causes kidney failure to dogs that already have a kidney or liver disease – and there’s not much you or even your vet can do to help matters. The crazy thing about this plant is that it doesn’t even have to be licked, chewed or even swallowed to take its effect (which doing so will be sure to poison your pet). The least your pet could do is drink the water from the plant, and STILL be POISONED from it, so this is definitely a plant to stay far away from buying.

The English Ivy Plant

The English Ivy Plant’s leaves contain the highest concentration of saponins and polyacetylene compounds, which will give your pet a painful burning in their throat. The chemical combinations will create burns and blisters in your pet’s mouth and throat, followed by excessive drooling. If ingested, it will be sure to cause an upset stomach. Contact your vet immediately.


The Philodendron Houseplant

Even nibbling on this plant is very dangerous to your pet. The early symptoms of the Philodendron Houseplant are similar to those of the English Ivy Plant. There will be a burning sensation in the mouth, which will easily be detectable. Your pet will vigorously pawing at their nose, drooling, and foaming at the mouth. Other symptoms of plant poison are renal failure, seizures, and even slipping into a coma. Unless the plant is hung far away from any access, this plant should NOT be in your home.

There are many other plants that are harmful to your pet’s safety. Be sure to always research before going out and buying any. If you currently have houseplants and are not sure of their safety, keep them out of reach of your pet. Remember that even licking the leaves, or drinking the water from the pot or vase can be just as detrimental as ingestion.

Always be safe rather than sorry!

By Staff Writer – Erika Smith