Easter is a happy time for celebrating the resurrection of Christ with our families (and who doesn’t like coloring Easter eggs?). If you’re like us at Paws Pet Care, you include your fur-kids in every celebration!

Easter decorations make everything a little more special, but watch out…they can also pose a potential hazard to your pets.

For example, did you know that:

  1. Plastic Easter grass could be dangerous….even DEADLY to your fur-kids? Also, we’re pretty sure that you don’t want to be chasing around your dog and cat trying to remove the remnants of their Easter-grass “snack” hanging out their behinds….
  2. What is it about cats and plants? Cats just seem to want to feast away on any and all potted plants. While Easter lily is beautiful it’s one of the most dangerous flowers you can have around your cats. It, along with several of the other varieties of ‘true lilies,’ will easily put your cats into acute kidney failure.
  3. Chocolate and candies…..it just goes without saying that if your fur-kid gets hold of either they could end up in the emergency room OR with a really bad case of the “poopies”. All over your beautifully decorated house. Have you ever seen a dog projectile vomit after a chocolate binge? Not. Cool.
  4. What is Easter without eggs? Plastic or the real-deal….(take it from someone who loves their wine) you may wanna write down where you hide all the eggs so you can make sure that Fido or Fifi doesn’t come across one that you missed. Broken pieces of plastic OR real eggs can cut your pet’s paws or mouth. Hardboiled eggs can cause digestive issues (a nice phrase for the worse fart-bombs you’ve ever smelled).

Make sure you get to spend your Easter celebrating with your loved ones, not at the emergency vet’s office. If you need help with your fur-babies this Easter while celebrating with family, we’ve got your tail covered! Call us at 502-802-5052 today!