Puppy Playtime

Playtime Service

Our Playtime service is the perfect service for your pup, from puppy to senior – to get some extra mental AND physical stimulation along with a chance to do their “business”.

A good rule of thumb if you have a new puppy is that they can hold their little bladders for 1 hour per month of age.

So, a 2 month old puppy can last for 2 hours, 3 month old puppy for 3 hours, etc. Your puppy also needs to go outside if she has been playing, eating, drinking, or just woke up. We can customize a plan to meet your needs based on the age of your puppy and how long he/she can go without a potty break. In regards to actual playtime, some breeds tire faster than others, which will determine how much exercise your puppy needs.

Length of visit: Client choice (20 or 30 minutes)
Pets: All dogs of all ages

Service Description:

  • Socialize or exercise with your pet in whatever way you specify
  • Pick up waste, appropriate waste disposal
  • Provide fresh water
  • Treats (provided by owner) if allowed
  • Picture and updates at least once a day via text to client (if requested)
  • Email notification that visit has been completed

If you don’t need a full 20 or 30 minute visit, take a look at our Quick Potty Break service. If your puppy or senior needs to be fed in addition to playtime check out our Drop In service.

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