What To Train Your Puppy

As a new pet owner, training a puppy can seem overwhelming. You may not know where to begin, or what exactly to begin with. Here is a list of some main things that you should be teaching your puppy.

1)    Train your puppy to obey bathroom rules.

This is the most important and “as soon as possible” rule! Start training your puppy as soon as you get home for the first time with him. Take him out frequently, and reward with positivity and treats, but don’t worry about being firm if you have to. If your puppy doesn’t learn now, he never will.

2)    Train your puppy to be content in a crate.

Teach and show your puppy that his crate is his home – his base, if you will. Training them to love their crate will keep them content and quiet when in it. It also gives anticipation for going to the bathroom, taking a walk outside, and more when being let out of the crate. Use one of the training methods by giving them a treat and/or a toy every time they go inside. Put a comfortable blanket and pillow waiting for your puppy in the crate. Make it a cozy home for them to rest – they will love it in time!

3)    Train your puppy to walk on a leash.

Get your puppy used to a leash when walking around outside. This will help them to learn how to walk patiently and respectfully with your pace, and to know that they need to stay safely beside you at all times – even if a social meeting with other owners and their pets occurs.

4)    Train your puppy to bite and chew only the proper things.

Puppies tend to bite and chew a lot, especially when teething and having sore gums. It is important to not allow your puppy to bite people while they are young. It may seem harmless, but it will be much more harmful when they are grown, and thinking it is okay to bite not only adults, but also small children and babies. Teach them to only chew on their toys and food – not people, furniture, or other household items.

One thing to remember in the training process is to always stay patient, and to keep persevering. Stay consistent with all of the teaching, rewards, and discipline, and life will be much easier and happier for you and your puppy!

By Staff Writer, Erika Smith