I took my people-kids to watch Puss In Boots this weekend.  It was hilarious…including the part where he was distracted by a laser light and instantly went into cute-kitty mode to chase it.

I did some research on cats and laser lights and was surprised to find that  it’s not always the best thing to play with laser lights with your kitty.  Cats are tactile creatures, and when they pounce on their “prey” they want to actually feel something underneath their paws. Putting a paw over a laser light is an exercise in frustration.

Most of the time when we play with cats and laser-lights we move the lights really fast,  causing the cat to stop playing in a natural feline way and begin bouncing off the walls in an attempt to get the target. This isn’t how cats play. And in some cases, chasing laser lights can cause cats to develop a fixation with any flickering light — they may end up displaying OCD-type behavior. Although manufacturers claim the laser toys are safe, always avoid shining the light directly into your cat’s eyes.