Take a moment to read just a few of the reasons why Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking (and many other sitters across the nation) has an important policy in place about providing care for your fur-kids when other people have access to your homes and pets.

These are REAL situations taken straight from sitters that I network with in the United States, Canada and other countries that were hired to provide pet care while owners were out of town (and sometimes out of the country). Can you IMAGINE how you would feel if something like this happened while you were gone? Read on…..

We just had a cleaning lady who let the (indoor) cat out and she was out overnight until our next visit! It’s amazing that the cat came back at all…” – Wendy N.

“Last night we had some nasty summer storms, so I decided to go check on a client earlier than I was scheduled. Good thing I did! The cleaning lady had let the dog out and left them out on the deck through the ENTIRE storm 🙁 The poor baby was left out in a severe thunderstorm that had taken out trees, power-lines, etc. Of course, she was wet, shaking and scared to death. The cleaner had also left the back door unlocked and the wind blew the door open, so the whole kitchen was soaking wet as well.” – Jessica A.

“Recently one of my client’s housekeeper left candles burning after she cleaned not realizing the client was out of town! I would never leave candles burning ever!” – Damiane W.

“Once had a cleaning lady put out two Yorkies with Invisible Fence collars on for who knows how long, leaving me a note that “it’s so pretty outside, I felt bad that they were stuck inside”. In the previous week, the neighbors and clients had lost several cats to coyotes and the small Yorkie, Abe, had almost been carried away by one in just the few moments it took his owner to fill their water bowl and take it outside for them during play time!” – Becki B.

“A couple of weeks ago, I arrive at a client’s house. While I was in the home providing services, I went out the front door a couple of times (was trying to find which of the client’s keys opened the mailbox). I was noisy – had to slam the door shut each time, etc. I finally go upstairs to take care of the litter box etc. and there is a strange man laying on top of the bed watching TV!” – Jan B.

These true accounts go on and on and involve plumbers, painters, neighbors, friends, realtors, and even FAMILY! These actions have resulted in damages to homes, lost fur-kids and even the deaths of precious fur-babies.

These are just a few of the reasons why Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking will not share visits or allow visitors/contractors to enter your home while you are away or while we are providing care. We will not enter your home to provide care if someone else is in the home.

We ask that you schedule service companies and contractors while you are home, or cancel services until you get back. That way, we can claim full responsibility for your fur-kid’s care and what has happened while you have been away. We do not “share” jobs with friends, family and neighbors. If something happens we need to be able to take full responsibility for it.

Has anything like this ever happened to you while you’ve been away?


By Betheny Green, Owner