Is doggy daycare really a good idea for your fur-kid? Sure, dogs need socialization with both humans and other dogs. In a dog-daycare environment, they get the social aspect, the round the clock care and the potential for extra exercise.

You should know that there are health risks of doggy day care. In a doggy day-care environment, your pooch is much more liable to pick up viruses and parasites that go around. In fact,  when the major outbreaks happen, dogs in day-care settings are almost guaranteed to pick them up.
At Paws Pet Care, we’ve had more than enough experience with clients who have come to us that have sent their fur-kids to day-care one or two days a week and have subsequently become very ill. 
Read on for examples….. 
Client #1 – A dog who picked up parasites from day care and after weeks of sickness she ended up with kidney failure. Not only that, the owner ended up with the parasites too. 
Client #2 – A dog now that was going to day care twice a week (we were taking him). At first I tried to talk the owner out of it by mentioning the above, but she was determined that he go. Within three weeks he had picked up a severe cough from day care which turned into pneumonia.  
In doggy daycare situations, your fur-kid is far more likely to get into a fight. We’ve had client’s dogs end up with stitches after getting into fights at certain doggy day-care places. 
Ultimately, you want to raise a normal dog. And normal dogs are fine with being left on their own while the owner’s at work, with one or  two walks, potty breaks or in-home pet-sits to break the day up. A dog raised on day care is going to be addicted to attention and company, and when the time comes when they have no choice but to leave them alone, their dog is going to feel very distressed. 
In reality, day-care dogs don’t really get that much more exercise. Next time you’re there, look into the window of day care places and you’ll see that most of the dogs are asleep or shuffling around like they’d do at home. 
Wags and Whiskers,
Paws Pet Care