Woof! Wagging doggy tails always mean happy dogs, right?doggie languag

Wrong. Have you ever heard of someone who reported that right before they were bitten by a dog, it was wagging it’s tail?

It’s IMPORTANT for you to understand what your dog, your neighbors dogs or even the stray dog
you happen to encounter on the street is trying to tell you with their tail.

Most of the time it’s  true that dogs wag their tail when they are happy, but there are times when a dog wags his tail right before he becomes aggressive. If a dog is wagging his tail and the rest of his body seems wiggly and is moving along with the wagging or relaxed you are more than likely dealing with a happy, comfortable dog.

If a dog is holding his body erect and rigid while wagging his tail, USE CAUTION.

That dog is telling you with his body language that he’s feeling territorial or uncomfortable with something that is going on around him. If this is the case, usually the dog’s tail will likely be held high and moving back and forth quickly.  That kind of tail wagging can be a precursor to aggression.  

So if  you encounter a dog you don’t know who is wagging his tail, check out what the rest of his body language is telling you before you approach them!