I bet you went for a good run today. Or a nice walk. Or maybe you just worked all day in your favorite comfy

shoes. All the while, you’re half-a-million sweat glands in your feet are working overtime, secreting up to ½ pint of sweat (wonderfully smelly scented sweat) into your shoes. That’s hard for even the best behaved dog to resist.

If you’ve done due diligence with obedience training, your adult dog probably knows that just because it smells good doesn’t mean they have permission to eat it. However, if your dog is in their puppy stage they will probably do with your shoes what they do with everything else…..put it in their mouth.  Puppies go through a teething stage just like people-babies.

Nothing feels as good as gnawing on a nice piece of leather when you have achy gums. 🙂

Your dog loves you.  He loves ALL of you and your smell (no matter how “ripe”) is the next best thing to having you with them.  Fascinating fact, a dog rarely chews on the shoes they dislike.  So if you’re dog chews your shoes but never touches your partner’s……um……yeah.

To keep your shoes from being chew toys you can try using medicated and scented shoe inserts. Or you can try spraying the inside of your shoes with mint breath spray. However, it’s important to teach the difference between shoes and toys. Try this:

A couple times a day bring out a shoe and bring out a toy. Place them next to each other. Watch as your dog goes for the items.  If he/she goes for the shoe, say “no!”. When he moves toward the toy give LAVISH praise and a treat.  Keep practicing and move the shoe/toy further and further apart each time.

Of course, the easiest thing would be to just keep your shoes out of paws reach!  Do you have a shoe thief?  Tell us your story and share a picture!

By Beth Green, Owner
Paws Pet Care